Si Vince Tutto Results for 30th April 2012

Si Vince Tutto Results for 30th April 2012

Yesterday saw the fourth Si Vince Tutto draw of the year take place, so the question is did any players manage to match the six numbers drawn to scoop the top prize on offer or did it roll down and be shared amongst players in the remaining prize tiers? Well the Si Vince Tutto results for the 30th April 2012 show that in fact no players won the top prize, meaning that it rolled down and players in the remaining four prize tiers won a prize.

The Si Vince Tutto results from the 30th April 2012 were 5, 13, 14, 25, 56 and 75. Despite there being no top prize winner there was one ticket which matched five of the numbers drawn to win the second tier prize that was worth €1,674,405.12. To add to that there were 168 players that matched four numbers to win €2,509.60 and then 6,859 players matched three numbers to win €286.70. Finally there were 102,371 players that matched two numbers to win the smallest Si Vince Tutto prize that was worth €9.34.

This Si Vince Tutto draw now adds to the long list of others that hasn’t had a top prize winner, so it will be interesting to see if any of the other Si Vince Tutto draws that are coming up will have any players that match all six of the numbers drawn in the Si Vince Tutto results to win the top prize on offer.

The next Si Vince Tutto draw for this year will take place on the 30th May 2012, so take part in this special draw if you fancy winning a prize.

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