SiVinceTutto Changes Offer Players Greater Chance of Success

SiVinceTutto Changes Offer Players Greater Chance of Success

The SiVinceTutto game is set to introduce a number of changes for the first time in nearly five years. Lottery operators Sisal hope that the latest changes will provide ticket holders with an even greater chance of winning, news that will come as music to the ears of players across the country.  

Originally launched in April 2011, SiVinceTutto offered lottery lovers an alternative way to play the ever-popular SuperEnalotto. In late 2011, a prize category for matching two numbers was introduced. The game was always held on the last Wednesday of every month, but the new changes will see draws take place every week - still on a Wednesday.

While players selected six numbers from a possible 90, the new SiVinceTutto will let ticket holders pick 12 numbers from the same ball pool. However, they won’t need to match all twelve numbers to win the top prize; they just need to match the six numbers drawn in order to win. This will see the odds of winning prizes improve drastically, with the overall chances of winning now set at 1 in 6 and the odds of the winning the top prize set at 1 in 673,825. Read more about the new rules of the game at the Si Vince Tutto page.

It is hoped that these changes will help the game to thrive, particularly as it will see players given the chance to win big prizes on a more regular basis. The game has delighted countless players since its launch, with as few as two matching numbers able to win prize. The draw can also provide its fair share of big winners, with the largest reward ever claimed coming on Wednesday 30th November 2011, when one lucky player correctly matched five numbers to win over €1.8 million.

With these new rules set to come into force on Wednesday 28th September, the SiVinceTutto jackpot could soon be yours. To be in with a chance of becoming a winner, SiVinceTutto tickets cost just €5 and are available to buy from authorised retailers throughout the country. Best of luck!

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