SiVinceTutto Draw Taking Place on 31st August

SiVinceTutto Draw Taking Place on 31st August

On 31st August we will see the fourth SiVinceTutto (read more) special draw take place in Italy and there are only a few days left to ensure that you have your tickets and your chance to win a share of the pretty impressive cash prizes on offer in this extra game from the Superenalotto operators. This will be the fourth SiVinceTutto draw of 2011 and already excitement is mounting for the jackpot that will be available to share amongst all the prize tier winners.

The SiVinceTutto is different to the main Superenalotto draw from the Italian Lottery operators in that if no jackpot winners (match 6 main balls) are found then the whole prize pool rolls down to all of the lower prize tiers.

Take a look at how the prize pool is split with and without a jackpot winner:

With a match 6 winner on SiVinceTutto:

  • Match 6 – 50% of the prize pool
  • Match 5 – 32.28% of the prize pool
  • Match 4 – 3.36% of the prize pool
  • Match 3 – 14.26% of the prize pool

With no match 6 winner of the SiVinceTutto jackpot:

  • Match 5 – 34% of the prize pool
  • Match 4 – 10.08% of the prize pool
  • Match 3 – 55.92% of the prize pool

Of course it could be, as we have seen on previous SiVinceTutto draws, that there are no match 6 or 5 winners in which case the percentages will change.

Check back on 31st August shortly after the SiVinceTutto draw takes place for the numbers and prize breakdown results.


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