SiVinceTutto Results for 30th September 2011

SiVinceTutto Results for 30th September 2011

Another special lottery draw took place yesterday in Italy and today we look at the SiVinceTutto results for 30th September 2011 – did these results prove to be different from the other SiVinceTutto results in 2011 and find an actual match six winner or did the jackpot once again roll down to the lower prize tiers? Read on for a full breakdown, the numbers drawn and the winners found in the latest draw for the SiVinceTutto.

The SiVinceTutto results for 30th September 2011 revealed the following six numbers :

14, 24, 48, 77, 79 and 85

The number 24 appeared in the previous SiVinceTutto draw and 77 appeared in the draw on 8th June 2011 but were these numbers enough to make someone rich beyond their wildest dreams? Unfortunately not, for these SiVinceTutto results failed to find match 6 or match 5 winners so the prize pool of €5,207,24.50 rolled down to the winners of the two lower prize tiers. This is how the pot was split:

  • Match 4 – 139 winners all taking home €10,144.75
  • Match 3 – 5,625 winners all taking home €675.04

There will be another draw for the SiVinceTutto on 5th October 2011 so check back on Wednesday/Thursday for the latest results from this Italian Lottery game.


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