SiVinceTutto Results for 30th December 2011

SiVinceTutto Results for 30th December 2011

The SiVinceTutto results for 30th December 2011 revealed that once again, for the eighth draw in a row, no winners managed to match the six main numbers drawn to win the jackpot of just over €6.5 million. However as players of the game will know the SiVinceTutto works differently to the main Superenalotto jackpot and rather than rolling over to the next draw, rolls down to the lower prizes tiers.

  • The SiVinceTutto results for 30th December 2011 were 5 – 11 – 43 – 48 – 62 – 69

There are five prize tiers in total for the SiVinceTutto:

  • Match 6 for the jackpot
  • Match 5
  • Match 4
  • Match 3
  • Match 2

The last prize tier has only been available for this draw and the one previously on 30th November 2011; prior to that there were just four prize tiers for the SiVinceTutto game. You can see all the SiVinceTutto results here as well as checking the prize breakdowns and number of winners for the SiVinceTutto games.

Of the numbers drawn in today’s SiVincetutto 5 made an appearance last in this game on 31st August 2011, 11 on 8th June 2011, 48 on 30th September 2011, and 62 on 27th July 2011 whilst 43 and 69 are new numbers in the SiVinceTutto line up for 2011.

The next SiVinceTutto draw will take place on 25th January and has an estimated jackpot value of €15 million. In the meantime there is a draw for the Superenalotto tomorrow night and the jackpot currently stands at €48.3 million!

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