SiVinceTutto Results for the 30th November 2011

SiVinceTutto Results for the 30th November 2011

The SiVinceTutto draw took place last night in Italy and all players were hoping to match the six numbers drawn to win the jackpot that was worth a total of €11,158,615. However, the SiVinceTutto results for the 30th November 2011 show that no ticket holders for this special draw matched the SiVinceTutto results so as this lottery game doesn’t have any rollovers the jackpot amount rolled down to the remaining prize tiers and over 200,000 ticket holders won a prize.

The SiVinceTutto results from last night revealed the following six numbers - 4, 23, 39, 41, 78 and 81. By looking at these results it’s hard to see why a player didn’t win the jackpot as the numbers fall quite evenly across the board.

As the jackpot rolled down it was split amongst the remaining tiers and for the first time the SiVinceTutto draw had an additional prize available to win. There was a match 2 tier which saw 198,850 ticket holders each win €10.69 and this new tier will become a regular occurrence in the SiVinceTutto draw, which means there are now five tiers available to win a prize in and not four.

It used to be the case that SiVinceTutto draws happened occasionally however recently they have been taking place towards the end of every month. The next SiVinceTutto draw is going to happen on the 30th December 2011 so get your tickets ready for this special draw if you want to win a prize.

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