SuperEnalotto hits the 10 million Euro mark

SuperEnalotto hits the 10 million Euro mark

Since the New Year began the Italian Lottery jackpots have been a lot less than we saw in 2010 but finally we see the Superenalotto hit the 10 million Euro mark! The first big jackpot from this lottery was won on Friday 7th January and since then it has continued to grow to the size we see today. Draw number 3 not only saw the big 13 million plus jackpot won but also saw a winner of 5 numbers plus the Jolly.

However since then no draws have seen anyone scoop the jackpot but draws on the 15th and 22nd January saw one player on each draw match 5 plus the Jolly number. The draws for this week saw quite a few winners:

The draw number 11 on Tuesday 25th found an impressive 71,056 players who matched 3 main numbers from those drawn (3, 12, 13, 15, 43, 46, Jolly 11 and Superstar 37) and each banked 13.37 Euro. In draw number 12 even more matched 3 numbers, 75,525, so the prize was reduced to 12.41 Euro for the numbers (1, 11, 27, 45 ,49, 61, Jolly 80 and Superstar 49).

Over 2,000 winners on both draws matched 4 numbers and each banked over 150 Euros with 21 on draw number 11 and 34 on draw number 12 matching 5 numbers.

With no big winners now since the beginning of the month we are now seeing the Superenalotto jackpots grow and grow and whilst we want someone to win, we love the big jackpots the Italian Lottery is famous for!

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Last Updated: Tuesday 13 March, 2018 at 13:55
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