SuperEnalotto Backs Charity Fundraising Push

SuperEnalotto Backs Charity Fundraising Push

SuperEnalotto players will be able to donate money to help finance research into cures for genetic diseases when they play their favourite lottery between 16th November and 20th December. Sisal Research, the good causes wing of the game’s parent company, has a long history of raising funds for social responsibility programmes, utilising its extensive network of lottery retailers throughout Italy.

The SuperEnalotto campaign is part of the Telethon efforts to support the #nonmiarrendo project, which highlights the fact that there are over 6,000 genetic diseases in existence, half of which develop during childhood. Supporters point out that, due to the rarity of the various diseases, it is difficult to raise significant funding for each one individually. The Telethon charity is looking to support the development of 25 cure strategies for 23 genetic diseases.

From Monday 16th November, players will be able to buy special SuperEnalotto tickets which will contribute €2 or €5 to the cause, purchase Quick Picks offering donations of €1, €3 or €5, as well as joining systems in which €1 from each share is used to back the Telethon. Members of the public who don’t wish to buy SuperEnalotto tickets will also be able to give to the campaign at any of Sisal’s retail terminals without playing the game.

SuperEnalotto also supports a range of other charities, including the Veronesi Foundation, which raises awareness and aids early diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

The game’s current jackpot is worth €25.9 million after no one managed to match all six main numbers on Tuesday 10th November. If you would like a shot at this life-changing prize, you can buy SuperEnalotto tickets through the Buy Official Tickets page or at authorised retailers across Italy. Good luck!

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