SuperEnalotto Black Week To Start From 23 November

SuperEnalotto Black Week To Start From 23 November

A new SuperEnalotto Raffle will take place later in November, offering a total of 300 prizes across three draws and a total prize fund of €15 million. The promotion will be known as ‘Black Week’ and each winner will receive €50,000.

How to Play Black Week

The ‘Black Week’ promotion includes the draws on Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th November, which are competitions no. 140, 141 and 142 for 2021. There will be 100 winners in each draw and it is easy to play as it follows the same format as previous SuperEnalotto Raffles.

To give yourself a chance of winning one of the €50,000 prizes, you just need to buy a SuperEnalotto ticket for any of the draws during that week and add the SuperStar game. You won’t be entered if you don’t play include SuperStar.

There are various ways to play, including pre-printed cards costing €1.50 or €3, special system entries and dedicated Quick Picks. For each combination of SuperEnalotto with SuperStar that you play, you will be given a unique code.

If your code matches one of the winning codes exactly, with all the numbers and letters in the same positions, you receive €50,000.

The odds of winning a prize depend on how many tickets are sold for the Black Week draws, but you can increase your chances by purchasing multiple entries. It is also possible to win a Raffle prize on the same night as you win a prize on the main SuperEnalotto game.

If you win a prize of €50,000, you’ll need to visit one of the Sisal offices in Milan or Rome to claim your prize in person. Like all SuperEnalotto prizes, you must come forward within 90 days.

SuperEnalotto Raffles

Black Week follows on from a SuperEnalotto Raffle on 26th June, known as ‘Estate 100x100’, which gave away 100 prizes of €100,000.

Raffles usually take place a few times a year to mark special occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Black Week is the first to run over multiple consecutive draws.

There’s also a jackpot of more than €100 million up for grabs after almost six months without a winner. Check the SuperEnalotto Results after every draw to find out if you’ve won.

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