SuperEnalotto Changes to Take Place on Tuesday 2nd February

SuperEnalotto Changes to Take Place on Tuesday 2nd February

Changes to SuperEnalotto will be made in time for the draw on Tuesday 2nd February, with the promise of faster-growing jackpots and an extra prize tier being created for those who match just two numbers. Players will also have the chance to win instant prizes of €25 or more when they buy their SuperEnalotto tickets.

Fans of the game will be excited to hear that the odds of winning a prize have shortened from one in 318 to one in 20, thanks to the addition of the extra prizes. The prize pool will also be increased from 34.65 percent of the money raised in ticket sales for each draw to 60 percent. Those who match two main numbers will share 40 percent of the overall prize money in every draw, with 8.4 percent paid out in the new instant prizes on offer as part of the launch of the new SuperEnalotto.

There will be no change to the way SuperEnalotto fans play the game, as they will still pick six numbers from a choice of 90, but the cost of a line will rise to €1 in order to fund the new prizes and swell the jackpot to what is hoped will be record amounts in a shorter amount of time. The draw days and times will remain the same, with ticket holders able to play for big money on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:00, except on various public holidays when the draws will be rescheduled.

SuperStar, which increases prizes in all tiers when matched, will continue to cost €0.50 per line, but the instant prizes that were available solely for players of this additional game have been stopped to allow any SuperEnalotto ticket holder to experience the thrill of banking a cash prize as soon as they buy their entries.

SuperEnalotto recently celebrated its 18th birthday and this move is expected to inject more excitement into the game and help it run for at least another 18 years. The biggest prize ever won in the history of the game was €177.7 million in October 2010, which went to a syndicate of 70 players from across Italy. The lottery has also raised more than €18 billion in taxes for the government over the course of its run.

Your next chance to play SuperEnalotto comes on Tuesday night when the jackpot will be worth €36.6 million. You can buy SuperEnalotto tickets at the Buy Official Tickets page or at authorised retailers. Good luck!

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