SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle Creates 20 New Millionaires

SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle Creates 20 New Millionaires

SuperEnalotto players from Lombardy to Lazio had extra reason to cheer last Saturday after winning magnificent prizes in the Christmas Raffle. Officially named 20 Nababi a Natale, the special game guaranteed that 20 ticket holders would receive €20 million each.

Christmas Raffle Winners

Anyone who played the main SuperEnalotto game for the draw on 23rd Saturday, and also added the SuperStar option, was automatically entered into the Christmas Raffle. Players received random codes on their tickets, and 20 of these codes were then drawn on the night to create the new millionaires. Visit the SuperEnalotto Raffle page for more information, along with all the winning codes.

The prizes ended up being spread out all over the country, but Lombardy emerged as the most successful region with seven of the 20 winners. Lazio could boast four winners, including three from Rome, while two new millionaires could be found in Sicily. Sardinia, Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Abruzzo, Campania and Piedmont had one winner each, while the final winner played online.

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Still Climbing

The excitement of the Christmas Raffle sparked a surge of SuperEnalotto ticket sales, but it did not result in the jackpot being won. Three players matched four main numbers plus the SuperStar to win €38,173 each, while 15 ticket holders matched five main numbers to win €19,310 and over 596,000 other participants picked up prizes.

The jackpot will now rise to €77.2 million, and fans of the game can try to grab the money before the end of 2018 by either going to authorised retailers in Italy or choosing numbers online. Good luck!

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