The SuperEnalotto Continues to Roll

The SuperEnalotto Continues to Roll

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continued to climb as draws on the 12th July and 14th July 2012 revealed no tickets to match either all six numbers, five and the Jolly, nor five and the Superstar. This means the jackpot has now risen to an estimated €14.9 million for the next draw which will take place tonight.

Tonight may be a good day to opt for a SuperEnalotto ticket, what with the high jackpot not to mention the lack of second tier winners too. After all, the fortune of SuperEnalotto ticket holders must change soon! On the subject of fortunes, there were however two very happy winners from the draw on the 12th July who matched five numbers to scoop €146,403, plus 12 winners on the following draw to do the same, each netting a not too shabby €30,049.

Interestingly enough, the high number of ticket holders matching five numbers during the draw on Saturday 14th July meant that the value of the match 4 and Superstar was actually higher than the former. Only four ticket holders matched 4 and the Superstar, to bring them an impressive €42,210.

This just goes to show the unpredictability of the SuperEnalotto, so just because there have been no jackpots winners since the draw on May 24th 2012, its still all to play for, so make sure you get your tickets ready in time for the draw tonight!

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