SuperEnalotto Continues To Roll Into February

SuperEnalotto Continues To Roll Into February

The present SuperEnalotto rollover spree has continued into the start of February, as we enter the sixth month of there being no jackpot winner. The jackpot was last won on the 30th August 2012 by a single player who netted €12.3 million after it saw eleven rollovers in a row. The current jackpot, which has topped €43.3 million, has been rolling over since then, and so far has amassed a massive 67 consecutive rollovers. But this is far from the highest number of rollovers ever seen on the SuperEnalotto.

The biggest ever rollover spree seen on the SuperEnalotto was back in 2010, when an eight month rollover session led to a huge jackpot of €177,800,000 finally being won in October by one lucky ticket holder. This rollover spree saw almost 100 rollovers, so as you can see now, the current spree is well on its way to threatening to catch up with this record.

However, will the jackpot beat the one claimed in October 2010? Currently, 67 rollovers have led to the jackpot of €43,300,000, and if we apply the same rate of increases to the jackpot as it is currently seeing, we can estimate that by the time it reaches 100 rollovers the jackpot would be in the region of €63,986,545. However, as the jackpot climbs, it will attract more attention from both domestic and international players, which will see more ticket sales and an increased jackpot.

If you are interested in playing the SuperEnalotto and beating those astounding odds of 1 in 622,614,630 in order to scoop the jackpot, then you can visit the Buy Tickets page for full details of how to buy your tickets regardless of your location.

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