Thursday 8th December Superenalotto Draw Postponed

Thursday 8th December Superenalotto Draw Postponed

Superenalotto players might be interested to know that the draw you may be expecting for Thursday 8th December is actually postponed until Friday 9th December. The reason for the delay in the draw is that Italy, the home of the Superenalotto game, celebrates Immacolata Concezione on Thursday, a public holiday to celebrate the belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Whilst the draw for the Superenalotto is delayed, the jackpot on offer for Friday is still an impressive €40.5 million are tonight’s draw failed to find a jackpot winner. However whilst the jackpot remained elusive one lucky player did manage to match five numbers and the Jolly ball to win a substantial amount of money, a whopping €513,864. Quite a present just before Christmas.

Of the numbers tonight 1, 55 and 90 have been in the most common drawn numbers for quite some time. Number 1 made its 143rd appearance, number 55 its 142nd and the number 90 came out for the 149th time.

The last time we saw a jackpot winner on the Superenalotto game was back in September and the ticket holder took home a mighty jackpot worth over €65 million. With the jackpot some way off reaching this mark again, are we going to see a jackpot winner for the Superenalotto game before Christmas? We can but wait and see what the Superenalotto results reveal for us on Friday.

Following the delayed draw we see things return to the usual schedule with the following draw taking place on Saturday 10th December.

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