SuperEnalotto Draws Return to Normal

SuperEnalotto Draws Return to Normal

As regular players of the SuperEnalotto will know, the draws are often rescheduled if they fall on a public holiday. Last week saw the celebration of Liberation Day across Italy so the usual Thursday SuperEnalotto draw was moved to Saturday 27th April 2013. This meant that the Saturday draw was then moved to Monday 29th April 2013, a day which does not usually see a SuperEnalotto draw. If the changes to the draw date meant you missed checking your usual results, you can find them here.

The results for Saturday 27th April 2013 were 1, 2, 11, 56, 57, 75, with a Jolly of 46 and SuperStar 61.

The results for Monday 29th April 2013 were 2, 6, 53, 54, 68, 89, with a Jolly of 21 and SuperStar 61.

On Tuesday 30th April 2013 the draws returned to normal and the results for that draw can be found on the SuperEnalotto Results Page.

However, if you were hoping to win the top prize, unfortunately you will not even need to check your ticket as no-one was able to match all six numbers on either draw. Neither were there any winners of the second prize tier, which requires players to match five numbers and the Jolly. There were however, a handful of players on each draw to match five numbers, so do make you check your numbers to see if you were one of those lucky winners!

This means the SuperEnalotto jackpot has rolled over again and there is a top tier prize of €26.9 million for the draw taking place on Thursday 2nd May 2012.

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