SuperEnalotto Is On a Roll

SuperEnalotto Is On a Roll

The SuperEnalotto has continued to roll over after the last jackpot win on Thursday, 30th August 2012 saw a single citizen from the Rome area scoop the jackpot of €12,321,539. This was the second time this year that the jackpot has been won by a player from Rome, after another Roman player scooped the jackpot of €25.8 million on 24th May 2012. The current jackpot now stands at an estimated €5.8 million, after rolling over five times.

There was no joy for players hoping to scoop the secondary tier prizes either, as the last five draws have not seen any players match five plus the Jolly either. However, on the bright side there have been a handful of winners of the third tier prizes in each draw, which has seen players who have matched five numbers win between €41,186 and €291,677.

There have also been a steady number of players from each draw in the last week matching four numbers, with a massive 1,116 players winning €284.27 on 6th September 2012. This is the biggest number of players to match four numbers since mid-August, when 1,476 players matched four numbers to win €213.

Like any lottery however, as long as there is a chance to win people will play it, and even though the SuperEnalotto is hard to win, players love the challenge! Plus, the more those jackpots roll the bigger they become – who can forget when the jackpot rolled over to a staggering €177,800,000 back in October 2010?

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