SuperEnalotto Jackpot Estimated at €40 Million for 6th December 2011

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Estimated at €40 Million for 6th December 2011

On Saturday the SuperEnalotto jackpot remained elusive to all players as no one managed to correctly match the six main numbers drawn. In fact, no players matched five numbers plus the Jolly number either, meaning that the first winning tier in Saturday night’s SuperEnalotto was the match 5 tier. As there were no top prize winners the SuperEnalotto jackpot available to win is now estimated at €40 million for the 6th December 2011. This current jackpot has rolled over a total of 31 times, but will any players strike lucky tonight and win this prize or will it carry on increasing in value?

The last time the SuperEnalotto jackpot was won was on the 22nd September 2011 when one player scooped the top prize that came out at €65,038,202. This is actually the biggest win of this year in the SuperEnalotto and it rolled over a staggering 62 times before it was won.

Having a rollover facility with no jackpot cap means that top prizes can reach rather impressive amounts and even though the estimated jackpot of €40 million available to win tonight isn’t the highest 2011 has seen, it is definitely a respectable amount of money to take home.

If you find that you fail to match six of the main draw numbers tonight then remember that in the SuperEnalotto there are four other remaining prize tiers below the jackpot that are up for grabs. One of these is the second tier prize which you have to match 5 numbers along with the Jolly number to take home and this prize hasn’t been won since the 22nd November 2011.

The SuperEnalotto draw will take place this evening, so if you like the sound of increasing your bank balance by €40 million then have your tickets ready for this Tuesday night draw and make sure you check the SuperEnalotto results shortly after the draw has happened to see if you have won a prize!

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