SuperEnalotto Jackpot Estimated at €60.9 million

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Estimated at €60.9 million

The SuperEnalotto had a jackpot of €60.1 million available to win in Saturday night’s draw and as the top prize is yet to be won this year, players in this draw were hoping that luck would be on their side so that they could become the first jackpot winners of 2012. However, the SuperEnalotto results show that in fact that no players won the top prize which means that it is yet again another rollover for this Italian lottery game. This now means that the SuperEnalotto jackpot available to win is estimated at €60.9 million for the draw that will take place tomorrow night.

The results from Saturday’s draw (4th February 2012) in case you haven’t seen them already are 1, 17, 30, 43, 67, 82, the Jolly number was 2 and the Superstar numbers was 40. In addition to there being no jackpot winner, the second SuperEnalotto prize, which is won by matching five numbers along with the Jolly number, also had no winners. This is actually the 15th draw in a row where both of the top two SuperEnalotto prizes haven’t been won.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is yet to be won this year. In fact there hasn’t been a winner in this lottery since the 22nd September 2011 when one winning ticket matched the SuperEnalotto results to win the impressive amount of €65,038,202. Since then the top prize has remain elusive allowing for the jackpot to increase in value.

It will be interesting to see whether this current SuperEnalotto jackpot will be won in tomorrow night’s draw, or whether it will continue to rollover and increase in size.

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