SuperEnalotto Jackpot is Eighth-Largest in History

SuperEnalotto Jackpot is Eighth-Largest in History

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is now one of the biggest in history following the latest rollover on Saturday, taking it up past €94 million and making it the eighth-largest prize ever seen on the game.

The jackpot has been building steadily for seven months, having not been won since a syndicate of players from across Italy scooped €51.3 million on 23rd June. A number of ticket holders have come close to landing the top prize, including seven participants on Saturday who matched five main numbers to land €31,402 each, but the jackpot has remained just out of reach.

Having broken into the top ten jackpots some time ago, the current prize has now surpassed the €93.7 million won by a player from Mestrino in Veneto in February 2017. Another rollover would push the jackpot past No.7 on the list (€94.8 million) and it will only take a few more draws without a winner to go beyond the €100 million mark.

The largest jackpot in history was the €177 million won by a syndicate of 70 players back in October 2010. While such a figure remains a long way off, the excitement of a big jackpot usually sparks even more ticket sales and the prize can begin to grow more quickly. Go to the Biggest Winners page to read more about SuperEnalotto’s greatest success stories.

SuperEnalotto Strategies

As you dream of winning the big jackpot, you might be considering how you could boost your chances of becoming the next multimillionaire. One option might be to join a syndicate, as playing in a group has proven to be extremely effective for a lot of ticket holders. By playing together, you can enter multiple entries and share the cost at the same time.

Another way to purchase multiple lines is to play a system, and there are various options which allow you to enter lots of number combinations on one ticket. Visit the section on Systems and Strategies to find out more about integrated systems, reduced systems, bases and variants, and other techniques.

Buying more lines is the only way to increase the odds of winning the top prize, but you can also add the SuperStar option to your ticket to improve your overall chances. Without SuperStar, there are only seven ways to win (including instant prizes), but with SuperStar there are a further eight prizes available.

If you want to mix up your numbers for the next draw another way, you may wish to look at the SuperEnalotto Statistics for guidance or possibly explore the practice of La Smorfia, which helps to analyse your dreams and give you numbers to play.

Whichever method you settle on, you can play by visiting any authorised retailer or by selecting your numbers online. If you play online, your numbers will be stored safely and you will automatically be paid most prizes. Best of luck!

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Published: Tuesday 22 January, 2019 at 10:46
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