SuperEnalotto Jackpot Keeps Rolling Over

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Keeps Rolling Over

The SuperEnalotto jackpot hasn’t been won in a while and the results from Saturday’s draw show that yet again no players matched the six numbers drawn therefore the SuperEnalotto jackpot just keeps rolling over. As there was no top prize winner from Saturday’s draw it now means that the jackpot available to win in tomorrow’s draw is estimated at €84.4 million. As there hasn’t been a top prize winner in this Italian lottery for almost six months it has led many players to ask the question, when will the SuperEnalotto jackpot be won?

To add to the fact that there was no jackpot winner in Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw the second tier prize in this lottery also had no winners. Therefore, the first winning prize tier in the SuperEnalotto draw on Saturday was the third tier which saw 17 ticket holders match five numbers to win €26,819.72.

The last time the SuperEnalotto jackpot was won was on the 22nd September when one ticket matched the six numbers drawn in the SuperEnalotto results to win €65,038,202.47. Since then the jackpot in this Italian lottery has been rolling over as players have failed to match the numbers drawn to become jackpot winners, however will that change in tomorrow’s draw?

For players interested the most popular numbers to be drawn in the SuperEnalotto are 90, 88, 1, 55, 85 and 49. Whether any of these numbers will make it into the SuperEnalotto results tomorrow night remains to be seen but make sure you have your tickets ready for this Tuesday night draw, as you never know you could match the numbers drawn to become the first jackpot winner in this lottery for six months.

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Last Updated: Tuesday 13 March, 2018 at 13:28
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