SuperEnalotto Jackpot On The Up Again

SuperEnalotto Jackpot On The Up Again

It seems the winning streak of the SuperEnalotto was not destined to continue, as the jackpot has continued to roll over since it was last won on 2nd August 2012. Currently, there is no information available about that lucky winner who was able to match all 6 numbers from the possible 90, but when information is available rest assured, we will bring it to you. There has also been no winner in the secondary tier to match five plus the Jolly since one ticket holder on 4th August 2012 won €452,161 by matching the numbers correctly.

Despite its 6/90 matrix making the SuperEnalotto difficult to win, this does not seem to deter Italian residents and lottery players from all around the world from playing. €27 billion per year is spent on the game, of which approximately 50% of proceeds go to the Italian government, making lottery revenue one of their key income streams. This is then redistributed amongst various departments including the treasury, the Olympic committee and the horse racing industry. Of the remainder, approximately 38% goes to the prize fund, 8% to retailer and 5% to the operators, with 6% being paid in tax.

The next draw on the SuperEnalotto is due to take place on Thursday, 16th August 2012. Good luck to all who are playing for a chance to be a winner of that jackpot of €8.9 million!

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