SuperEnalotto Jackpot Reaches €90.5 Million

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Reaches €90.5 Million

An estimated jackpot of €90.5 million will be up for grabs in Saturday night’s SuperEnalotto draw, sparking excitement amongst fans of Italy’s most popular lottery game. Players will be praying Lady Luck is firmly on their side as the race to become the first top prize winner of 2017 continues.

The prize pot has been on the rise ever since a single ticket holder from Vibo Valentia claimed a prize of €163.5 million in October 2016. The player, who matched all six numbers landed the nine-figure sum in a historic draw that had the whole country enthralled. They even overcame odds of 56 billion to one to match the SuperStar as well, banking an extra €2 million for their trouble. However, since that momentous day, the SuperEnalotto jackpot has continued to increase and is once again shaping up to be a very handsome sum.

So which numbers should you pick to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot? Some players rely on intuition or choosing numbers that have a significant meaning in their lives, while others simply select numbers at random. Another system some players opt for is studying the game’s statistics and picking numbers that appear most often or ones that have not been drawn for some time. Of course, your chances of winning Saturday’s jackpot are the same whichever method you favour.

For players who believe this draw could be their big chance, don’t forget to include a SuperStar number on your ticket. Drawn from a separate machine after the SuperEnalotto draw, SuperStar entries can be added to any ticket for an extra fee of just €0.50 and can significantly increase the payout of any non-jackpot prize. There is also a guaranteed prize of €5 for any player able to match the SuperStar number on its own. For more information, head to the How to Play page.  

To be in with a chance of claiming the biggest SuperEnalotto prize of the year, simply purchase your tickets online or from any authorised retailer across the country.

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