SuperEnalotto Jackpot Won For Second Time In a Month

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Won For Second Time In a Month

The SuperEnalotto jackpot was won for the second time in a month on Thursday, 30th August 2012 by a single ticket holder. This lucky player scooped the jackpot of €12,321,539, which meant new month, new jackpot! Currently, there is no information available as to the name, location or details of the jackpot winner, such as whether it is a single person who has scooped the jackpot or a syndicate, but rest assured we will bring you those details when we have them.

Whilst there was one lucky jackpot winner in the last week’s SuperEnalotto draws, unfortunately that good luck did not rub off onto the second prize tier. There were no players all week who were able to match five plus the Jolly to win the second biggest prize of the lottery. Indeed, despite there being two jackpot winners in the month of August, the second tier prize has only been won once this month, on Saturday, 4th August 2012, when one lucky player scooped €452,161.35.

However, there were a good handful of players who matched all five numbers and were able to take away that third tier prize, which varied this week from between €27,819 and €49,319, plus a healthy number of match four prize winners, so the SuperEnalotto is still proving to be a hit for some ticket holders.

So, players are advised to get their tickets in order for the September draws, where players are celebrating a new month with a new jackpot!

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