Releases New iOS App Releases New iOS App has launched a new app to help make it even easier to find out if you are a winner. The app comes with several great features and you can customise it to meet your needs, so you can enjoy SuperEnalotto even more than ever.

It is available on iOS devices and is free to download. Go to the SuperEnalotto App page to find out everything you need to know, or take a look at the App Support page to find step-by-step guides on how to use the different features.

App Features

You’ll find the new app could not be simpler to use. As soon as you launch it for the first time, you’ll be given the chance to select your language and enable notifications, then you’ll see the latest SuperEnalotto results displayed on the home screen.

You can cast an eye over the winning numbers, see the value of the next jackpot, and find out when the next draw takes place. If you want to enter the next draw, you can hit ‘Buy Tickets’ and you’ll be able to pick numbers online quickly.

To see the number of winners and the prize amounts won in the latest draw, just select ‘Draw Details’. You can also access casino games from the home screen if you’re in the mood to hunt for some instant wins.

You’ll find the app’s other features through the menu. With SuperEnalotto draws taking place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it’s useful to be able to see all the recent results in one place, in case you don’t check after every game. The app lists the winning numbers for the past 10 draws on the ‘Results’ page and makes it easy to load more, or even head into the archives to view historical results.

The Checker gives you a fast way to compare your numbers against the SuperEnalotto results and find out if you have won. You don’t have to try and work out for yourself whether you have matched enough numbers - just select your numbers and the app will do the calculations for you. If you’re someone who regularly plays the same numbers, you can even add a ticket to the Checker so it is saved to the app. Next time you open the Checker, it will instantly show if you are a winner.

You can also generate random numbers on the app if you’re not sure about your next selection. These can then be saved to the Checker to be compared against the winning numbers after every draw.

The app provides instant notifications after each draw, so that you don’t even have to remember to check the results. You’re in charge of what type of alerts you want, whether you wish to get updated when the numbers and prize breakdowns have been released, when the jackpot has climbed to a certain amount or perhaps when a special event such as a SuperEnalotto Raffle has been scheduled. You can even get reminders to pick your numbers.

SuperEnalotto App

How to Download the App

You can download the SuperEnalotto app from the App Store for your iOS device.

The app will be ready to use within seconds and you can start enjoying all of its features straight away. You’ll always be able to see the SuperEnalotto results or check your numbers as long as you have your phone or tablet to hand. You might even discover that you have landed millions of euros!

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