SuperEnalotto News for September 26th, 2011

SuperEnalotto News for September 26th, 2011

After several months waiting for a top prize win, the massive SuperEnalotto jackpot was finally won by an anonymous player from the Italian town of Gubbio. This being said, let’s discuss the multi-million Euro jackpot, along with the winning numbers from last week’s SuperEnalotto drawings:

Here are last week's Superenalotto Results:

On Tuesday, September 20th, 2011, the winning SuperEnalotto numbers were 7-23-39-48-69-75. The Jolly number was 83, while the SuperStar number was 68. One number that people should watch from this drawing is 75 because it’s been drawn a total of three times so far this September. Moving to the winners, 50,277 people matched three numbers to win €15.86, and 1,342 players matched four numbers to earn a €297.11 prize. In addition to this, 13 players chose five correct numbers to win €30,671.

On Thursday, September 22nd, 2011, the winning SuperEnalotto digits were 4-6-27-37-45-58; the Jolly number was 84, while the SuperStar number was 1. Following this drawing, the number 45 had been selected four times in September. As for winners, 51,561 players matched three numbers to earn a €15.27 payout, 1,179 players chose four correct numbers to receive €334.02, and 7 people matched five numbers to win €56,259. This was also the drawing where somebody hit the aforementioned jackpot, which was worth a whopping €65,038,202 ($87,463,375)!

On Saturday, September 24th, 2011, the winning lottery numbers were 4-23-56-71-76-78. The Jolly number was 73, and the SuperStar number was 1. Two numbers that stand out in this drawing are 4 and 1 because they have been selected in two straight drawings. Getting to the prizes, 46,891 players made €19.41 by matching three numbers, and 1,180 people matched four numbers to win €385.75. Finishing things up, 6 people won €75,864 after matching five numbers.

The next SuperEnalotto drawing will be held on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011, and the reset jackpot will be worth €16,800,000.

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