SuperEnalotto Results for the 5th January 2012

SuperEnalotto Results for the 5th January 2012

Last night the second draw of the year took place for the SuperEnalotto and there was a jackpot of just over €50 million available to win. Many players in this Italian lottery game were hoping to become the first jackpot winners of this year however, the SuperEnalotto results for the 5th January 2012 reveal that no players managed to win the top prize, meaning that it is yet again another rollover for this lottery game. Rollovers are common in this lottery game and now this jackpot has rolled over a total of 45 times.

This impressive amount of rollovers has meant that the jackpot has grown in amount, however the last time the SuperEnalotto jackpot was actually won was over three months ago. Back on the 22nd September 2011 one winning ticket holder took home the top prize that came out at just over €65 million. Since then no one has been lucky enough to match all six of the numbers drawn to win the jackpot on offer.

One of the reasons this lottery game has multiple rollovers is down to the large prize pool that is has. As players need to match six numbers from a range of 1 – 90 to win the jackpot it can prove a tough challenge to match all of them up. However, the SuperEnalotto has made numerous players millionaires in the years it has been available to play, meaning that matching the SuperEnalotto results is not impossible.

It is also worth remembering that even if you miss out on winning the jackpot tomorrow night the SuperEnalotto offers you four other chances to win a prize.

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