SuperEnalotto Results for the 20th March 2012

SuperEnalotto Results for the 20th March 2012

The SuperEnalotto results for the 20th March 2012 show that yet again players failed to match the six numbers drawn meaning that the jackpot rolls over again and it is now estimated at €76.1 million for the next draw that will take place on Thursday night. The SuperEnalotto jackpot has been rolling over since September 2011 and if it carries on rolling over who knows, we may just see the SuperEnalotto top prize surpass the €100 million mark. This impressive amount of rollovers is making many players in this Italian lottery ask the question, when will the SuperEnalotto jackpot be won?

The SuperEnalotto results from last night’s draw if you haven’t seen them already were 21, 39, 44, 49, 65, 87 and the Jolly number was 54 and the Superstar number was 57. To add to the jackpot not being won there were also no winners in the second SuperEnalotto prize tier, which is won by matching five of the main number along with the Jolly number. The first winning prize tier in last night’s SuperEnalotto was the third tier which saw 13 players match five of the main numbers drawn to win €28,599.01 each.

Out of all the numbers drawn in the SuperEnalotto results last night the numbers 40 was selected and this is actually one of the most often drawn SuperEnalotto numbers and last night it made its 142nd appearance in the SuperEnalotto results.

As there hasn’t been a SuperEnalotto jackpot winner for nearly six months now it will be interesting to see if any players will match the numbers drawn in the SuperEnalotto results to win the jackpot in the next draw, or if it will remain elusive and carry on rolling over.

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