SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 5th December 2015

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 5th December 2015

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolled over again on Saturday 5th December, but one fortunate player from Pontedera is now €244,020 better off after matching five of the main numbers drawn. Tens of thousands of ticket holders snapped up additional prizes, boosting their bank balances as the costs of the festive season start to add up.

Saturday’s winning SuperEnalotto numbers were 1, 28, 34, 42, 49 and 77 with Jolly 65 and Superstar 42. Three participants matched four main numbers and the Superstar to pick up €40,690 each. The rest of the 63,282 SuperEnalotto winners received prizes worth between €5 for matching just the Superstar and €2,007 for matching three main numbers and the Superstar. Check out the SuperEnalotto Results page to find out more about Saturday’s game.

As the SuperEnalotto jackpot rises, players throughout Italy will be buying tickets and dreaming of winning huge prizes just a few weeks before Christmas. The €30.5 million jackpot that will be offered this Tuesday isn’t the only amazing windfall you could stand to receive; even matching five main numbers, five main numbers and the Superstar or five main numbers and the Jolly could be enough to see you finish off 2015 with financial security for yourself and your loved ones.

You can buy SuperEnalotto tickets online or from authorised retailers in Italy. Good luck and have fun!

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