SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 5th March 2016

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 5th March 2016

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw created more than 447,000 prize winners, but no one was able to match the six main numbers drawn to win the jackpot. However, there were four ticket holders who celebrated matching four main numbers and the SuperStar to win €21,715 each, while an additional 28 participants won €6,887 each after matching five main numbers.

The winning numbers were 6, 8, 68, 77, 80, and 86 with Jolly 27 and SuperStar 39. The remaining prizes won on the night were worth between €5 for matching either two main numbers or just the SuperStar and €2,283 for matching three main numbers and the SuperStar. Have a glance at the SuperEnalotto Results page to discover a full prize breakdown.

Tuesday’s SuperEnalotto jackpot will be worth an incredible €54.6 million, an amount not seen in three years. Any single ticket holder who manages to scoop the top prize tomorrow will become the 11th biggest top prize winner in the history of the game, unseating the player from Palazzolo della Stella who won €53.2 million on 16th March 2013.

Perhaps you’re thinking of various strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning a prize. You could always buy more tickets, or opt for a systematic entry to include more numbers on a single ticket. If you prefer to choose your numbers based on hard facts and data, you could check out the SuperEnalotto Statistics page to find out more about the most frequently drawn numbers, those which are most overdue and those which are commonly found in pairs or triplets with other numbers.

You can play SuperEnalotto online from wherever you are in the world, or you can buy tickets from authorised retailers across Italy. Good luck!

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