SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 11th June 2015

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 11th June 2015

The rollovers have continued as the SuperEnalotto draw for Thursday 11th June passed by without a top prize winner. There was €16.2 million up for grabs as players snapped up tickets in an attempt to win a seriously life-changing windfall, and more than 47,000 of those participants successfully picked up some prize money, including one winner in Besana in Brianza, who matched five main numbers to win €183,183.

The winning SuperEnalotto numbers were 26, 48, 52, 61, 75 and 79 with Jolly 82 and Superstar 73. An additional eight ticket holders matched four main numbers and the Superstar to win €38,657 each, with all other prize amounts won on the night worth between €5 for matching just the Superstar and €2,275 for matching three main numbers and the Superstar. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results page to view a full prize breakdown from the draw.

With the SuperEnalotto jackpot now standing at €16.6 million for Saturday’s draw, a high turnout is again expected as more people take another shot at an incredible prize. It’s the sort of money that would let you quit your job to pursue whatever dream you had that had once been deemed impossible. Want to travel the world for a year before settling down in a villa in Liguria? You’d be able to hand in your notice this Monday and set off for the airport straight after. Have a dream about moving to Trentino to go skiing for the rest of your days? You could be waking up to a view of the Dolomites every morning in the space of a week.

If you want the chance to fufil your wildest dreams, you can buy SuperEnalotto tickets online from wherever you are in the world or from authorised retailers across Italy. Good luck and have fun!

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