SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 20th August 2015

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 20th August 2015

The 100th SuperEnalotto draw of 2015 ended in a rollover, but tens of thousands of players still won incredible prizes, including three ticket holders who matched five of the six main numbers drawn to pick up €56,958 each. The jackpot of this great Italian lottery game has gone unclaimed since Thursday 16th July, when a single ticket holder scooped €21.8 million.

The winning numbers for last night were 4, 14, 31, 68, 70 and 74 with Jolly 73 and Superstar 10. In addition to the Match 5 winners, another three participants matched four main numbers and the Superstar to pocket €30,906 each. The remaining 53,978 winning ticket holders scooped amounts worth between €5 for matching just the Superstar and €1,774 for matching three main numbers and the Superstar. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results page to find a full prize breakdown from last night’s game.

If you’re having trouble picking out your numbers for your next SuperEnalotto ticket and you’re a fan of hard facts, why not have a look at the Statistics page? You’ll instantly get access to a number frequency table, a list of the most commonly drawn numbers, common pairs and triplets and other important information. For example, the six most overdue SuperEnalotto numbers are currently 43, 9, 37, 52, 82 and 5. Armed with all this knowledge, you could just create that winning line that changes your life forever!

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto jackpot will be worth an estimated €11.8 million, and if you think it’s about time someone won it - and that someone is you - then make sure that you buy tickets online or from authorised retailers well in advance of the draw. Good luck and have fun!

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