SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 23rd July 2015

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 23rd July 2015

While no one matched the six main numbers drawn to win last night’s €7.1 million SuperEnalotto jackpot, one ticket holder from Siracusa matched five main numbers and the Superstar to net themselves a gargantuan €540,885.

The winning numbers for Thursday 23rd July were 33, 41, 44, 48, 68 and 75 with Jolly 56 and Superstar 8. In addition to last night’s big ticket winner, one player matched four main numbers and the Superstar to snap up €39,443, while eight participants each won €21,635 when they matched five main numbers. The remaining players who won prizes grabbed cash amounts worth between €5 for matching the Superstar alone to €1,989 for matching three main numbers and the Superstar. To discover a full prize breakdown, visit the SuperEnalotto Results section.

If you’re thinking of getting involved in this great Italian lottery game, why not have a look at the SuperEnalotto Statistics page to learn more about number patterns over time? For example, the six SuperEnalotto numbers that are most overdue for an appearance on the winning line are 50, 60, 81, 7, 10 and 76 - if you marked those down as your numbers and some - or all - of them came up, it could be worth a fortune!

There is now a triple rollover SuperEnalotto jackpot worth €7.5 million on offer for Saturday’s game, which would be more than enough money to turn many of your dreams into a reality. A new house, a few new cars and the chance to never worry about money again is well worth the cost of buying SuperEnalotto tickets online or from authorised retailers. Good luck, have fun and keep dreaming big!

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