SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 23rd October

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 23rd October

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolled yet again on Thursday night, bringing the value of the jackpot up to €34.7 million for the upcoming draw on Saturday 25th October. The rollover streak has persisted for five months, as the last jackpot for the popular Italian lottery game was won on Saturday 24th May when a ticket holder won €20.8 million.

Last night’s winning numbers were 7, 21, 44, 53, 59 and 64 with Jolly 57 and Superstar 12. While no one won the top prize, one ticket holder matched four numbers plus the Superstar to win €37,235 and 10 players matched five main numbers to win €20,996 each.

An additional 104 participants snapped up €1,882 for matching three main numbers plus the Superstar. The remaining ticket holders won amounts worth between €5 for matching the Superstar and €372.35 for matching four main numbers. For a full prize breakdown, visit the Results page.

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto jackpot is certainly a tidy sum, but if you’re looking for a lottery game with an even bigger top prize on offer, why not try playing EuroMillions tonight? The jackpot for this popular pan-European lottery has reached a capped amount of €190 million, an amount not seen since August 2012! In tonight’s draw, the funds generated through ticket sales (in excess of €190 million) will be rolled down and shared equally among all players in the next winning prize tier after the jackpot. Even if no one wins tonight, those lucky ticket holders will still get a slice of the cash.

If the jackpot rolls again on Tuesday, then the entire €190 million sum and any additional money from ticket sales will roll down to the highest winning tier. Several ticket holders could become millionaires in the blink of an eye!

Tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions draw and tomorrow’s SuperEnalotto draw are on sale now. You can buy tickets for both games online or visit an authorised retailer (if you’re playing SuperEnalotto). Good luck!

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