SuperEnalotto Results for Tuesday 16th August 2016

SuperEnalotto Results for Tuesday 16th August 2016

There were over 469,000 SuperEnalotto prize winners on Tuesday 16th August as players from across Italy took part in the latest draw, but nobody was able to match all six main numbers. The jackpot will now rise to a gigantic €124.9 million, giving ticket holders another opportunity to change their lives.

The SuperEnalotto numbers drawn last night were 9, 12, 18, 63, 64 and 73 with Jolly 88 and SuperStar 76. One lucky participant matched four main numbers and the Superstar to win €28,048, while 14 players won €13,440 each after matching five main numbers.

The remaining prizes ranged from €5 for matching two main numbers, or just the Superstar, up to €2,162 for matching three numbers plus the Superstar. There were over 13,000 players who received an Instant Win prize of €25, rewarding them just for buying a ticket. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results page to find a full prize breakdown from last night’s draw.

The latest draw produced the consecutive numbers 63 and 64, and numbers in their 60s feature prominently in the list of most frequent consecutive numbers. Take a look at the Statistics page if you are thinking about a new way to select your SuperEnalotto line. A wonderful jackpot awaits anyone who can match all six main numbers, and you can play now by visiting any authorised retailer in Italy or entering online from around the world. Good luck!

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