SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rolls into August

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rolls into August

The SuperEnalotto has passed through its second month with no jackpot winner, which means the first draw of August, taking place on 2nd August 2012, will have an estimated jackpot of €18.8 million. There was also no ticket holder to match five and the Jolly, for the 3rd draw in a row. Despite the lack of top prize winners, the last draw which took place on 31st July 2012 was kind to 29 ticket holders, who each took home €10,164 for matching five numbers.

The SuperEnalotto is notoriously hard to win as it has a total of 90 numbers to choose from, instead of 40-50 like a lot of other lotteries. Given that most players will choose their numbers based on important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries, it means that often the higher numbers are not played as often. This is unfortunate, as actually the most commonly appearing SuperEnalotto number is 90, which has shown up in 154 draws! This is closely followed by numbers 88 and 85, both appearing 152 times, and hot on their heels is number 85, which has appeared 151 times.

If you want to try increasing your chances of winning multiple numbers, it may also help to know that the most commonly occurring pairs in the SuperEnalotto are 19 and 51, 34 and 83, then 37 and 62. These have all appeared together sixteen times. As you may imagine, the high amount of numbers make the odds of groups of numbers appearing at the same time low, but you could do worse than pick 41, 51 and 66, which have appeared in the same draws five times.The statistics page gives you more interesting number facts.

Good luck to all players buying their tickets for the draws this week, and let’s hope that August gives SuperEnalotto players a cause to celebrate!

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