SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rolls Throughout November

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rolls Throughout November

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has continued to evade players this month, as we enter the eleventh week of rollovers. The jackpot has been creeping steadily upwards from its starting point of €3.4 million back on 1st September 2012, and is now teetering on the brink of €22 million with an estimated jackpot for the draw on Thursday 15th November 2012 of €21.8 million. But is it likely we will see a winner before Christmas?

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has already been won four times since the start of 2012, with two of those wins occurring in August. Of course, the most memorable win of 2012 was the staggering jackpot of €94,836,378, which was won on 19th May 2012 by one single ticket holder, after eight months of rollovers. The excitement amongst players just after this draw even caused the jackpot immediately afterwards to soar to a whopping €25.2 million, as opposed to the usual starting jackpot of around €3 million. So, imagine players thrill when this second jackpot was won on the following draw on 24th May 2012, when it reached €25.8 million.

This all goes to show that with the SuperEnalotto anything can happen, and although it can seem that week’s go by with no winners, this lottery always has the ability to keep surprising players, hence why it is still so well played in Italy!

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