SuperEnalotto Summer Raffle Set For 26th June

SuperEnalotto Summer Raffle Set For 26th June

The SuperEnalotto Raffle is back for summer and is set to give away 100 prizes of €100,000. The big event, known as ‘Estate 100x100’, will take place on Saturday 26th June.

How Estate 100x100 Works

Estate 100x100 will follow a similar format to previous raffles, which have traditionally taken place a couple of times a year to mark key dates and celebrations.

It’s really easy to enter. You just need to buy a ticket for the SuperEnalotto draw on 26th June and add the SuperStar option. There is no extra cost to take part.

You will be entered automatically and will receive a unique, random raffle code for each line of numbers you select. It will consist of both letters and numbers.

You can play in the usual way - in-store, online or via the app - or take advantage of any of the additional entry methods that are available. Dedicated Quick Picks and system entries are already on sale, along with a range of special pre-printed tickets.

Get your entries in before 7:30pm on the day of the draw and then keep an eye out for the SuperEnalotto Results. There will be 100 winning raffle codes. If you match one exactly, with every number or letter in the same place, you win €100,000.

The 100 prizes are all guaranteed to be won, because the only codes to be entered into the draw will be the ones that are sold. It means that €10 million will be paid out on the night.

It’s also possible to win a prize on the main SuperEnalotto game on the same night as you win a Raffle prize. If you win on the raffle, you’ll just need to come forward to claim it within 90 days. To claim prizes of this value, you must visit one of the Sisal offices in Milan or Rome.

Previous SuperEnalotto Raffles

The SuperEnalotto Raffle was launched in 2017 with a promotion to mark Easter. They have continued to take place regularly, mostly alongside holidays such as Christmas, Easter or Republic Day.

The most recent Raffle was held on 19th December 2020 to celebrate the festive period and also gave away 100 prizes of €100,000.

The odds of winning depend on how many tickets are sold for the draw, but there are 100 chances to win a six-figure prize so it is a great opportunity that should not be missed.

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