Syndicate Wins SuperEnalotto Jackpot Of €53.3 million

Syndicate Wins SuperEnalotto Jackpot Of €53.3 million

There are celebrations across Italy this week as the mammoth SuperEnalotto jackpot was won by a single ticket on Saturday 16th March 2013. The jackpot has been rolling over for almost seven months, since it was last won on 30th August 2012. The winning ticket this weekend was purchased in the town of Palazzolo dello Stella, which is in the province of Udine, and was owned by a syndicate of 40. To learn more about these lucky winners read on!

As yet the identity of the winners is still secret, but interviews with Rocco Cogol, owner of the newsstand where the ticket was purchased and manager of the syndicate, confirmed that the group had been playing as a syndicate for many years. He himself takes a share of the prize, as owner of the syndicate, and is already being nicknamed “Rocco-fella” by locals!

The number in the syndicate began as a hundred or so, but has dropped down to 40, which means that each player will take home approximately €1.25 million each (after tax). In January 2012, a tax of 6% was introduced on lottery winnings, but even with this tax, the 40 syndicate players will be new millionaires!

Although the full details of the syndicate are not yet known, the players are thought to be from all different walks of life – some in their 20s, some retired and include women and men. Some are thought to be in severe financial difficulty, due to the economic crisis. Luckily now, thanks to the SuperEnalotto, they can restart their life in a much better financial situation, and start to enjoy life again.

Congratulations to Rocco Cogol and his syndicate or as locals are also calling them, Ali Baba and the 40 winners.

This of course means the jackpot of the SuperEnalotto has reset, and is now €16,500,000 in time for the next draw on Tuesday 19th March 2013.

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