Tax Lottery Won’t Start in January 2018

Tax Lottery Won’t Start in January 2018

Italy’s new ‘tax lottery’ has been hit by fresh delays and will not now start in January 2018. It had been hoped that the scheme - pitched as a way to encourage citizens to pay their taxes - would be ready to go in the New Year, but technical issues have put plans for what is also known as the ‘ticket lottery’ on hold.

Tax Lottery Origin

The idea for a ‘tax lottery’ was first brought up by Italy’s deputy economy minister Luigi Casero in 2016, to combat the problem of tax evasion which is thought to cost the government around €109 billion a year. People would have to ask for electronic receipts when they pay for goods and services and then enter them into monthly draws for the chance to win ‘substantial prizes’.

Problems with the Tax Lottery

However, a scheduled trial run this year was postponed and a report in Corriere della Sera earlier in the summer suggested that the lottery would not begin until 2019. More details have now emerged, and the main issue is reportedly related to Sogei, a company tasked by the Ministry of Economy with the whole operation. They have been dogged by computer problems recently and the government is understood to be concerned that the technology needed for a receipt lottery would not be sufficiently reliable.

More time is needed to sort out these concerns and the start of the lottery has been indefinitely pushed back, with no indication yet as to when it might start.

Play Italian Lotteries

As Italians wait for further developments to find out how quickly it could be sorted, they can continue to enjoy popular games such as SuperEnalotto and Si Vince Tutto. The SuperEnalotto jackpot has gone past €44 million following another rollover on Saturday, and players can choose numbers online for the next draw or go to authorised retailers in Italy. Good luck!

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