Weekend Jackpot Win for SuperEnalotto

Weekend Jackpot Win for SuperEnalotto

The notoriously elusive SuperEnalotto jackpot was finally won this weekend after 40 consecutive draws without a top tier winner. One lucky ticket holder scooped the full €20,836,103 jackpot when they became the only person to match all six main numbers on Saturday 24th May.

The last jackpot win came more than four months earlier, on Thursday 23rd January, when one player won the entire €26,722,827 jackpot which had accumulated after rolling over 42 times.

In the first SuperEnalotto draw since the jackpot was finally won, last night’s draw offered players a brand new jackpot worth €6.3 million. Predictably, the top prize was not won but one lucky ticket holder did secure a prize worth more than €1 million.

The fortunate player matched five main numbers drawn plus the Superstar to win €1,050,420. It is fairly uncommon for players to win in this tier and since the start of 2014 there have been just two other Match 5 plus Superstar winners.

Last night’s big winner was joined by more than 50,000 other players who won prizes worth between €5 for matching just the Superstar up to €45,908 for matching four main numbers plus the Superstar. A full prize breakdown from last night’s draw can be found on the SuperEnalotto Results page.

The next SuperEnalotto draw takes place tomorrow night and offers players the chance to win an estimated jackpot of €6.7 million. If you’d like to participate in the draw, you can buy tickets online or from any authorised retailer.

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Last Updated: Monday 12 March, 2018 at 12:22
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