What Happens When You Win a SuperEnalotto Jackpot?

What Happens When You Win a SuperEnalotto Jackpot?

The record for the highest-ever SuperEnalotto jackpot was broken in June 2019, when after a year of rollovers it surpassed the previous record of €177.7 million. People around the world are getting in on the lottery action, hoping for a slice of that nine-figure jackpot - but what exactly happens when you win SuperEnalotto?

With the news of the record-breaking jackpot, more tickets are being sold than ever before. If you beat the odds, what can you expect when you claim your winnings? Let’s take a look – from the different claim procedures to taxation, publicity and beyond. Firstly, how do you go about claiming your SuperEnalotto jackpot?

Claiming a SuperEnalotto Jackpot

You can purchase SuperEnalotto tickets from authorised retailers, or you can participate online. The procedure for claiming the top prize is largely the same whichever way you choose to play, with some small differences.

If you enter SuperEnalotto the old-fashioned way - by purchasing a paper ticket from a retailer – you can only claim your prize in person from one of the offices of lottery operator Sisal. You’ll need your winning ticket, a form of identification and your tax code.

If you win the SuperEnalotto jackpot online, you will be given a unique code for the winning online ticket, and an identification number so you can claim your prize in person. You still have to visit a Sisal office with ID and your tax code.

Whether your play a via retailer or online, your prize will be paid via bank transfer, although you may have a bit of a wait on your hands before you finally receive that life-changing jackpot. Sisal states that it will pay out prizes of more than €1 million 91 days after the winning draw. Three months might seem like a long time, but it’s a small price to pay for becoming a multi-millionaire. That said, there may be a slightly larger price to pay around the corner…

Your SuperEnalotto Jackpot and Taxes

SuperEnalotto winnings above €500 are taxable, at a withholding of 12%. Sisal deducts the taxed amount before giving you the winnings, meaning that your tax obligations are all covered before you receive the prize money. If you play SuperEnalotto but don’t live in Italy, your winnings would still be taxed 12%, and might also be eligible for further taxation in your own country. It is advised to consult a financial adviser if you win a substantial prize from abroad.

Going Public

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is the issue of publicity. Italian law allows lottery winners to keep their identity a secret when they collect their prize, so it is entirely up to you whether or not you make your SuperEnalotto win public. Some winners choose to reveal a small amount of information about themselves, whether it’s their plans for the money or something as simple as their hobby. 

This route would allow you to enjoy media attention while still protecting your identity from would-be fraudsters out for your money. Whether or not you divulge your personal information to the public, your story would still top the list of SuperEnalotto jackpot winners for the foreseeable future.

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