Which Italian Regions are the Luckiest for SuperEnalotto Players?

Which Italian Regions are the Luckiest for SuperEnalotto Players?

Players across Italy take part in SuperEnalotto three times a week, hoping to pick up the eight, or even nine-figure jackpot. But does where you buy your tickets have a bearing over how successful you are? Which are the luckiest Italian regions for SuperEnalotto players?

Italian Region With the Most SuperEnalotto Winners

Campania has created 18 SuperEnalotto jackpot winners since the game began in 1997, more than any other region. This is even more impressive, given that the home of the ruins of Pompeii and the stunning Amalfi Coast is only the third largest region when it comes to population.

The most populous region is Lombardy, which only limps in at joint eighth on the list of most jackpot successes. Just six players from the northern territory have matched all six main numbers, putting it on a par with Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria, home of October 2016’s €163.5 million SuperEnalotto win in Vibo Valentia.

Lazio, featuring the nation’s capital city Rome, is the second most successful SuperEnalotto region, with 16 wins, followed by Emilia Romagna (12), Puglia (10) and Veneto (9), where the most recent winner was crowned. A player from Caorle, near Venice, claimed €77.7 million on 1st August 2017.

Most Successful SuperEnalotto Raffle Regions

Whilst Lombardy lags behind in the main game, it pulls its weight in the SuperEnalotto Raffle. Of the 50 €1 million prizes paid out in the two special draws so far, Lombardy residents have claimed 16 of them. Nine more than closest rival, Lazio.

Take a look at the maps showing how each region fares at SuperEnalotto and the Raffle, at the Winners page.

Am I More Likely to Win SuperEnalotto in Campania?

As each SuperEnalotto line has the same chance of winning as any other, where you play has no say on the outcome of your numbers. The larger regions, with more players, tend to win more of the prizes, which is as you would expect. However, the next winner could come from anywhere!

If you would like to stake your claim to tonight’s €92 million SuperEnalotto jackpot, buy tickets at retailers across Italy, or choose your numbers online now.

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