Will the €13 million SuperEnalotto Jackpot Be Lucky For You?

Will the €13 million SuperEnalotto Jackpot Be Lucky For You?

The number 13 may be unlucky for some, but if you play the SuperEnalotto this week you could find your luck changes, as you could bag a cool €13 million if you match all of the six numbers drawn in the results. The top prize has rolled yet over again after Tuesday’s draw, with an estimated €13.5 million jackpot at stake for Thursday’s jackpot.

The winning numbers from last night's draw were 15, 25, 26, 53, 74, 76, plus Jolly 28 and Superstar 25 also only found four players who matched five numbers, compared to the eleven on the previous draw the Saturday 7th July. This meant the four shared a not too shabby €74,107, which must have made Saturday’s winners green with envy, winning as they did, €32,873 each.

If you are thinking about playing but haven’t yet picked your numbers, it might be useful to know that the most popular numbers, 90 and 88 haven’t appeared in the draw for 154 and 151 days respectively, and 85, 1 and 55 have each not appeared for 150 days, so it could be their time to shine again.

So if you are the superstitious type, buy your ticket now, but not before crossing your fingers and picking up your four leaf clover. Just don’t walk under any ladders in the meantime, and if you do, throw some salt over your shoulder, then you should be all set for the SuperEnalotto draw on Thursday.

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Last Updated: Tuesday 13 March, 2018 at 13:26
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