Will SuperEnalotto Be Won on the Anniversary of the Last Winner?

Will SuperEnalotto Be Won on the Anniversary of the Last Winner?

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw will mark one year since the jackpot was last won, and players across Italy and the rest of the world will be hoping to celebrate the anniversary by scooping the incredible €108.9 million top prize on offer. The 16th July a year ago was certainly lucky for one participant from Acireale in Sicily last year, who snapped up a fantastic €21.8 million after matching all six main numbers, so it could turn out to be a special date once again.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot smashed back past €21.8 million some time ago, and has continued rising to an astronomical level, with the jackpot getting an additional boost after every draw thanks to changes made to the game in February 2016. The top prize is by far the biggest potential windfall currently offered by any European lottery, easily exceeding the jackpots of the multinational EuroMillions and Eurojackpot games.

SuperEnalotto also offers lots of other ways to pick up prizes even for players who don’t quite manage to land the jackpot, so there have still been thousands of ticket holders who have been celebrating huge wins in every draw since last July. One ticket holder matched five main numbers plus the Jolly on Thursday 14th July to net a wonderful €593,205. Check out the SuperEnalotto Results page to find out more about all the recent draws.

If you fancy grabbing a decent prize this week, and possibly even the nine-figure jackpot, you will have to buy a SuperEnalotto ticket. You can visit any authorised retailer in Italy to take part or get involved from anywhere in the world by entering online through a lottery concierge service. Visit the Tickets page to find out more, and then allow yourself to start dreaming of what you might do with €108.9 million. Good luck!

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Last Updated: Thursday 8 March, 2018 at 09:18
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