Lotteries in Italy can be divided into two types: fixed-prize and pari-mutuel. In fixed-prize games, the amount each player can win stays the same for every draw. In pari-mutuel games, prize amounts can change as they’re based on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are in each tier.

SuperEnalotto has some fixed prize amounts when playing the SuperStar option: €5 for matching only the SuperStar, €10 for 1+Superstar and €100 for 2+SuperStar matches. All other prizes, both in the main SuperEnalotto and SuperStar draws, are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis.


How Pari-Mutuel Works

For pari-mutuel prizes, a percentage of the revenue from every ticket sold goes into a total prize fund. This money is then split between the different prize tiers to ensure each one offers a payout of sufficient value. The number of winners in each tier then determines how much money each player wins.

The following example shows how SuperEnalotto prizes assigned on a pari-mutuel basis can vary from draw to draw.

Let’s say a SuperEnalotto draw generates €5 million for the prize fund:

  • The Match 5 prize tier receives 4.2% of the prize fund (as per the current SuperEnalotto rules), which works out as €210,000.
  • This total will then be split between all the winners in the Match 5 prize tier:
    • If there are 8 Match 5 winners, they will receive €26,250 each
    • If there are 4 Match 5 winners, they will receive €52,500 each

The same would happen with every other non-jackpot prize tier. As you can see, more winners means lower prize amounts and vice versa. Similarly, individual prizes would change depending on how much money is initially generated through ticket sales.

Visit the Prizes page for more information about how SuperEnalotto prize money is distributed, including further details about Instant Win and SuperStar prizes.