Easter SuperEnalotto Results

Easter SuperEnalotto Results

The SuperEnalotto draws were held as usual over the Easter holidays, just a fortnight after the rollover jackpot of €53 million was won by a syndicate of players from Udine. Players across Italy were undoubtedly hoping they would be able to “crack” the jackpot and match all six numbers to win the elusive top prize, which would make the perfect Easter gift! But did anyone manage it?

Unfortunately there was no Match Six winner in the Thursday 28th March, Saturday 30th March or Tuesday 2nd April 2013 draws of the Easter period, which means the next jackpot has already reached an impressive €20.5 million. However, despite there being no jackpot winners nor a winner in the Match Five and Jolly tier, there was still one winner of €500,000 in each draw. To see the numbers for each draw over the Easter period, please visit the SuperEnalotto Results Page.

Although it can often appear that the SuperEnalotto does not see many top prize winners, it has paid out a staggering €942,000 in Match Five and Superstar prizes since January, plus €9 million across 18 individual €500,000 prizes since the SuperVincitore was introduced. There was also one winner of €479,123 in February for matching five plus the Jolly, not to mention of course, the huge €53 million jackpot prize which paid out on 16th March 2013. This is all in addition to the tens of millions paid out in lower prize tiers since the start of the year.

So, although the prizes can often seem elusive, they are well worth waiting for, so let’s hope this week will see SuperEnalotto players strike it lucky and crack open that jackpot again!

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