SuperEnalotto Jackpot STILL Not Won; Exceeds €125 million

SuperEnalotto Jackpot STILL Not Won; Exceeds €125 million

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolled over yet again on Saturday 23rd March, bringing it to a total of €125.5 million – the sixth-largest jackpot in the history of the game, and the highest current jackpot in Europe.

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Rolls Over

The winning SuperEnalotto numbers drawn on Saturday 23rd March were as follows: 21, 32, 43, 63, 83 and 90, with a Jolly number of 25 and a Superstar number of 54.

There were five winners from Saturday’s draw, each matching five numbers. The five winners were spread across Italy, with winning tickets being claimed in Taranto, Genova and San Salvo, amongst others. Having just missed out on an historic jackpot prize, they lay claim to €48,000 apiece.

Eight months have passed since the last jackpot win; on June 23rd 2018, a syndicate of 45 players across Italy each won an enviable share of a whopping €51.3 million. Since then, the jackpot has climbed and climbed, entering the top 10 biggest jackpots in SuperEnalotto’s history by January this year and showing no signs of relenting.

Biggest Jackpot

SuperEnalotto has a well-documented history of record-breaking.  Not only does it hold the largest jackpot currently available in the entirety of Europe, but it holds the European record for the largest jackpot ever paid out by a domestic lottery.  An edifying €177.7 million was won by a single ticket in October 2010, and shared across a syndicate of 70 players.

As for the largest prize won by a single person, October 2016 saw a player from Calabria defeat odds of 1 in 56 billion to claim €163.5 million all to themselves, by matching the Superstar number on top of all six main numbers.

Future SuperEnalotto Draws

As SuperEnalotto nears 3000 total draws, it seems prudent to look to the future of the game.  Will the jackpot continue to climb?  If so, how long before SuperEnalotto adds more records to its belt?

Since January 2019, the jackpot has been increasing by an average of €13.5 million every month.  If matching six numbers continues to elude SuperEnalotto players, the jackpot could reach €180 million in as little as four months.  By Christmas, it could be the largest jackpot ever paid out in Europe – beating multi-national lottery Euromillions’ €190 million jackpot cap.

SuperEnalotto draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, making the next draw tonight, Tuesday 26th March – will someone finally lay claim to the jackpot of a lifetime?  Tickets for SuperEnalotto can be bought at any authorised retailer in Italy; alternatively, you can choose your numbers online.

Pasqua 100x100

On top of the mounting excitement around SuperEnalotto’s ever-growing jackpot, the lotto has a new announcement regarding what has now become somewhat of a holiday institution – the SuperEnalotto Raffle.

The first raffle was held in April 2017, in celebration of Easter. Since then, the raffle has popped up for Easters, Christmases and public holidays in the name of festive cheer.

The date for this year’s Easter Raffle has been set – the draw, officially titled the Pasqua 100x100, will take place on Saturday 20th April.

Playing the Pasqua 100x100 is simple: purchase a SuperEnalotto ticket for the 20th April draw, with the Superstar option.  A unique code is generated for every line of lotto numbers you enter; match this code exactly with one of 100 randomly-chosen codes, and you win €100,000.

Since the SuperEnalotto and the Pasqua 100x100 are independent games, there’s opportunity to win prizes from both!  If you fancy improving your chances at SuperEnalotto, you might want to pick up some tips and tricks; alternatively, you might want to dive into some statistics.  Either way, an impressive jackpot has remained untouched, and is there to be won at any moment.

Published: Tuesday 26 March, 2019 at 12:02
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