What’s Happened in SuperEnalotto in 2018?

What’s Happened in SuperEnalotto in 2018?

As 2018 draws towards a conclusion, the SuperEnalotto jackpot is steadily pushing towards €100 million again. It is a fitting finale to another big year, which has seen a couple of massive jackpots given away and a series of other thrilling events.

Jackpot Winners

The year started with a long run of rollovers, but it was well worth the wait for one lucky player from Caltanissetta in Sicily. They matched all six main numbers on Tuesday 17th April to win €130 million, the fifth-largest jackpot of all time. They spent just €2 on their ticket, playing at the via Vitaliano Brancati 15 newsstand.

The jackpot was won again just a couple of months later on Saturday 23rd June. The winning ticket, worth €51 million, was a system entry belonging to a syndicate of players spread throughout Italy and consisted of 45 shares. Systems allow you to enter multiple combinations on a single ticket and the various types of entry allow you to join forces with players in other locations to boost your chances of winning, while keeping costs down. The winning entry in June cost just €7 per share.

Special Events

As well as the jackpot winners, lots of other players have snapped up big prizes thanks to special SuperEnalotto promotions in 2018. The Easter Raffle, known in Italy as Pasqua 100x100, gave away 100 prizes of €100,000 on Saturday 31st March. You just had to enter the SuperEnalotto draw and add the SuperStar option and you would be given a random code for every line of numbers played. Winning codes were drawn on the night and you won the six-figure award if you matched any of the codes exactly.

Another raffle, called Stivale Milionario (Millionaire Boot) took place on 4th June to celebrate Republic Day. On this occasion there were ten guaranteed prizes of €1 million, and Tuscany turned out to be the luckiest location after selling three of the winning tickets - in Lucca, Orbetello and Serravalle Pistoiese.

SuperEnalotto Jackbox gave players the opportunity to win luxury experiences during the summer, including tickets to rock concerts, holidays and VIP passes to European football matches. The Christmas Raffle, Natale 100x100, followed the same format as the Easter event and rewarded 100 lucky winners with €100,000 each on Saturday 22nd December.

MillionDay and Eurojackpot

Along with SuperEnalotto, you have also been able to enjoy classic games such as SiVinceTutto, Lotto and VinciCasa in 2018. A new lottery, MillionDay, has also proved to be a massive hit since it was launched in February to give you the chance to become a millionaire every day.

Italy also celebrated its second Eurojackpot win this year, when a player from Valledolmo in Palermo, Sicily, matched all five main numbers and both Euro numbers on 16th November. The jackpot was at its €90 million cap and the lucky Sicilian was one of five winners - along with two players from Germany, one from Finland and one from Spain - who won €18 million each.

What Does 2019 Hold in Store?

Next year promises more of the same for SuperEnalotto players, with big jackpots on offer three times a week and special promotions set to be held on a regular basis. The top prize could be won at any point, or it could go on to eclipse the current record of €177 million. You can continue to play via authorised retailers or take part online.

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Published: Friday 28 December, 2018 at 12:47
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