Si Vince Tutto Results for 27th February 2013

Si Vince Tutto Results for 27th February 2013

The monthly Si Vince Tutto draw took place last night, and had a jackpot of €1,521,380 on offer for any player lucky enough to beat the odds to match six out of 90 numbers correctly. As well as the jackpot, there are a further four prize tiers on offer in the SI Vince Tutto for players matching two, three, four or five numbers. But was there any player able to break the bad luck of the Si Vince Tutto and scoop the jackpot this month?

Unfortunately again there was no jackpot winner, nor were there any players able to match all five numbers to scoop the second tier prize. There were however, 42 players to match four numbers and win €7,070 each, followed by 1,880 players who matched three numbers to win €407.05 each. Finally, 27,893 ticket holders were able to match two numbers to win €16.46. Visit the Si Vince Tutto Results Page for the full breakdown.

However, despite there being no winner on the Si Vince Tutto and the SuperEnalotto being firmly stuck in a rollover pattern, the brand new game anniversary game SuperVincitore is keeping players happy. For every draw until 16th April 2013 there is an extra chance for players to win €500,000 by matching the raffle code – and one winner per draw is guaranteed. So, even if you do not succeed in matching any numbers you could still win a generous prize on the SuperEnalotto.

To read more about how to play the SuperVincitore, you can visit the news piece on Meanwhile, the SuperEnalotto jackpot for the draw tonight is €48,900,000, so players, make sure you get your tickets – with added SuperStar number of course – to ensure you have a chance to win!

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