SuperEnalotto Hunts for Missing SuperVincitore Winner

SuperEnalotto Hunts for Missing SuperVincitore Winner

The new raffle game on the SuperEnalotto, which sees players entered into a draw to win €500,000 by correctly matching the code drawn to the one on their ticket, is proving a success with several prizes already claimed. However, there is also one prize which dates back to Thursday 28th February 2013 which remains unclaimed. Are you the winner? Read on for more details!

In order to be entered into the special anniversary SuperVincitore game, players are required to play the SuperStar number, which must be purchased alongside your SuperEnalotto numbers. There will be one guaranteed winner in each draw, but players must remember to check the raffle code as well as their numbers in order to claim their prize.

The prize currently outstanding is from a ticket purchased in Costa Mezzate, located in the Bergamo province, which is a tiny town of just 3,000 inhabitants. The winning raffle code was 1709B31A002C-1. Despite the visit of the SuperEnalotto team – named SuperVincitore On The Road – which is currently touring the winning areas in order to personally hand over the winning cheque to the lucky player to match the code, the winner has still not come forward.

Paola Pelis, the owner of FJ Bar which sold the winning ticket in the small town, has said she “still does not know who the lucky winner is” although she hopes it is a local resident! Paola and her team are dedicated to selling Supernalotto tickets, and hope to bring similar luck to more residents of their tiny town!

In the meantime, the SuperEnalotto jackpot rolls on, and has currently reached €50.7 million in time for the draw on Thursday.

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